Make and Takes at Your Scrapbook Store

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. And good businesspeople know that by spending a little time and money on a customer, they can be repaid hundredfold in customer loyalty and spending.

A mainstay in the scrapbooking world, at conventions as well as in stores, is the “Make and Take.” A Make and Take is a project a shopper can complete quickly, in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, and be able to “take” the project with her. All supplies are provided, and typically many are already cut to size. In a Make and Take you can push new or old product. You can go with a seasonal product, such as a Christmas-themed paper bag album, or something timeless, such as a stamped birthday card.

Have your staff cut out the components to the Make-and-Take ahead of time and sort them into small “kits.” (Measure cardstock or at least trace dimensions; allow long-enough lengths of ribbon, etc.) Lay these out on a table or counter along with the supplies they will need to complete the class. (Normally, you would expect class-takers or croppers to bring their own basic tools such as a paper trimmer, scissors and adhesive, but since shoppers often choose to take Make and Takes on a whim, make an exception and provide these materials as well.)

The Make and Take can be simple enough for the customer to complete with little assistance (although be sure you and your staff are available to answer questions) or more complex, requiring a teacher or product representative to be constantly on-hand. The choice is yours. Try to include at least one new product or trendy technique, so your Make and Take will generate specific sales.

More examples of Make and Take projects include: an elaborate tag, chipboard mini album, greeting card with interactive element or a library card accordion book.