About Startascrapbookstore.com

So you want to start a scrapbook store? Many scrapbookers dream of the perfect scrapbook store: one that would carry all the products they love, treat customers they way they’d like to be treated and be a place of both community and commerce for years to come. Then the dream gets more vivid: They could be the one to start this utopian scrapbook store! Indeed, running a scrapbook store can be a dream job for someone who loves scrapbooking, people and business. But, if you decide to follow through with it, it’s important to temper your dream with a heavy dose of reality. You want your scrapbook store to be among the percentage of small businesses that succeed. This site aims to be a resource for people considering starting a scrapbook store, as well as those maintaining a retail storefront. Read the articles to the left of the homepage and watch the blog at www.startascrapbookstore.com for continuous updates on the industry as well as tips on how to make your store (or the future store of your dreams) run smoothly and profitably.