Building a Community at Your Scrapbook Store

It’s human nature that people will tend to gravitate toward those of like mind, skills, experience and personal values. But keep an eye out for scrapbooking “cliques.” There’s really not much you can do if groups form to the exclusion of others, but you can make sure that newcomers feel welcomed by at least some of the old-timers. Seat newcomers with their friends, if they’ve come as a group, but encourage store “regulars” to reach out to them as well. After all, everyone was new once.

Many have likened scrapbooking to the quilting bees of yore. It’s true. Your customers will come to your store to get projects done, but more often then not they enjoy the sense of camaraderie they feel being there. This is what you are going for, and it is this feeling—this sense of community—that ultimately makes a scrapbook store more than a business. The people become the commodity, and your store has an intrinsic value that no one can place a dollar amount upon.